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Royal paper shredders certainly are a market standard. The organization helping to make them, Royal Consumer Information Products Royal Slot 888, is descended from the Royal Typewriter Company, that has been founded in 1906. Their line has expanded to include cash registers, faxes, shredders, postal scales, weather stations, imaging supplies and electronic organizers.

One of Royal’s great paper shredders, the Royal 15MX is a top end shredder, meant to be utilized by small offices. This machine can certainly cope with credit cards, paper clips, staples, and even CDs or DVDs. It reduces paper to crosscut strips that are .125″ by 1.5″ in dimension.

This shredder has the capacity to handle fifteen sheets at the same time, and its basket can accommodate up to eight gallons of shredded material before it must be emptied. This Royal paper shredder weighs in at forty pounds and supplies a twelve months warranty.

Another shredder from Royal, the JS55, is just a lower cost shredder intended for home use. It retails at around twenty dollars and is effective at shredding as much as five pages at once. This shredder creates quarter inch crosscut confetti, weigh five pounds, and supplies a three gallon receptacle.

It could, however, only be shipped within the United States. This shredder supplies a twelve months warranty, but has received poor reviews from some users because low capacity. This shredder should certainly only be used on an unexpected basis for destroying papers, not on a daily basis.

If your home must shred more regularly, consider the Royal 85X, something that retails for about sixty dollars. It are designed for ten pages at the same time and reduces them to smaller pieces compared to JS55.

It could cope with credit cards, staples, and other tough items, and also comes with a year’s warranty on parts. The trash receptacle is take out, and fourteen and a half liters – enough to take care of most jobs. Be certain not to make use of this shredder heavily, however. The system can certainly become over stressed.

Another home use Royal paper shredder could be the 7 Sheet Cross Cut with CD Shred model. This shredder costs around sixty dollars and handles paperclips, staples, and CDs. It shreds to .156″ by 1.625″ and offers the usual twelve months warranty on parts. The trash receptacle holds up to four gallons. As this machine weighs fifteen pounds, shipping not in the US is not available.

Royal’s paper shredders intended for home use also range from the forty dollar, fourteen pound 8 Sheet Cross Shredder. This machine features an indicator light when there’s a mistake, but tends to perform loudly.

One of Royal’s older paper shredders, the HT700X includes a .125″ by 1.5″ crosscut, handles credit cards and staples, and supplies a four gallon bin and twelve months warranty. This shredder weighs ten pounds, and like many others, can only be shipped within the United States. However, most reviews are poor, so buyers might wish to obtain a newer model.

A tiny, low cost example of Royal shredders, the JS800 retails at twenty five dollars. It produces fairly large pieces; .25″ strips – which could be a problem for folks worried about security. This seven pound model does provide a six gallon trash bin for those who don’t want to empty their shredder often.

This machine is just meant to be used occasionally, and must cool off for four minutes after being used for two. Regardless of this, it gets good reviews from most consumers.

Another lower end machine, the Royal 7 sheet crosscut paper shredder weighs in at fourteen pounds and costs forty dollars. It must be shipped in the US, or even to an APO/FPO address.

It features a feature to turn itself off to prevent overheating, which is ideal for those worried about shredder longevity. However, if you’re unfamiliar with this feature, it could be disconcerting. Some also feel that this shredder is overly top heavy.

Royal’s 15 sheet Heavy Duty crosscut shredder can be a great deal. This machine normally runs around 3 hundred fifty dollars, but is found online for one hundred and forty. It is a commercial shredder that produces eight inch by one inch confetti, and are designed for fifteen pages at once.

This Royal paper shredder also includes a slot especially for destruction of CDs, DVDs and other data disks. The majority of individuals who buy this paper shredder are happy with their purchase.

Last however, not least, Royal supplies a 10 Sheet crosscut Paper Shredder, which is really a well reviewed mid-level machine. At sixty dollars, it won’t break the lender, but has the energy to shred discs. This machine produces 1.375″ by .16″ confetti, can only be shipped within the United States, or even to APO/FPO addresses.

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