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The web is one of the very most reliable resources of information and today it’s not merely useful for research but additionally for most things such as business and education. With the advent of technology, our lives have changed dramatically. The web, for just one, has totally changed the educational system of our country.

Sometime ago education can only just be attained by attending zakelijk internet ziggo classes in a classroom-setting. However, with internet and a mobile device one can now benefit from the hassle-free online educational programs being offered by prestigious schools and educational institutions. The influence of the net has made man’s life convenient and easier that obtaining an education is possible even for those individuals who are bus managing their business and for busy moms at home.

The old cliché that “there is nothing permanent here on earth but constant change” is definitely true and even our mode of education and communication has constantly changed within the last years. Sometime ago, our supply of information was through letters, telegrams and word-of-mouth. However now we are able to access a number of information within only a matter of seconds. All it takes is just a fast internet connection and a mobile device. The greatest change which our country has experienced with the current presence of internet is how education can be obtained. The original approach to teaching- where professors and students could see one another face to face to send and receive information is currently replaced with videos and reading materials which can be easily accessed online.

However, even though that online education is becoming popular in this generation there are still those who aren’t acquainted with the internet education aspects. So, how does the speed of internet affect online education? How can students take advantage of online learning? Some individuals argue that the quality of education of our country is slowly depreciating and it’s worsen now that we have the distance learning in existence. Could it be really true that distance learning is a garbage?

Many questions continue to haunt people once we proceed to the generation where internet is constantly evolving but many people, especially those people who have tried online education, can claim that the info being offered by distance learning is really as timely and concise as those being offered in traditional schools.

As time goes by, I think the a fast internet connection will greatly benefit those people who are investing into online education.

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